Welcome to the Sustainable Business Leader Program!

Welcome to the Sustainable Business Leader Program!

If you are a small to mid-sized, locally owned and independent business interested in “going green,” you have come to the right place!  Our proven six-step certification program takes a holistic approach to improving the environmental performance of businesses like yours, identifying sustainable solutions that fit your unique business needs, reducing your environmental footprint, and saving you money!

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Certified Sustainable Business Leaders

Stone Hearth Pizza Co. has a simple focus—to serve the highest quality Neapolitan style, thin crust pizza along with gourmet salads and a hand-picked selection of wine and beer. Our menu is forever evolving, but will always incorporate a healthy blend of premium organic, locally produced, and sustainable ingredients. These details matter. They help guarantee a superior product, support family farming, protect natural resources, and strengthen local economies. Our goal is to create a space that is inviting, warm, and a little hip. Most of all, we hope to create a place where you will be treated with respect and provided exceptional service so you can relax and enjoy a delicious, affordable meal with family and friends. 


"While we thought we were doing a good job in this category, we were pleasantly surprised there were so many areas for improvement.  Our SBLP Coordinator was instrumental to keeping us on task!"

- Matthew St. Onge, President, Boston Building Resources

"The SBLP has expanded the network of small business leaders working to become sustainable.  It has raised the bar for sustainable business practices in Boston."

- James Hunt, Boston Chief of Environmental and Energy Services

"We signed up for the SBLP because we wanted our store to reflect what we feel: to respect our community, we have to respect the environment.  The SBLP showed us the right, organized way to go about greening the store. Having a systematic way to do it saved us time and money. We're already seeing savings with our energy bills and supply orders!”

- Megan Sullivan, Head Buyer, Harvard Book Store

“SBLP has provided support, guidance and the motivation to implement meaningful and sustainable changes that we have always talked about”

‐Jeff Barry, Owner, Boston Organics

“SBLP showed us that sustainable changes not only gave us monetary savings but helped us be the kind of business and community member we have always envisioned!”

- Lisa DiPietro, Owner, Pet Cabaret

“The assistance of SBLP has helped us expand on our ongoing commitment to sustainability”

- Cindy Brown‐General Manager, Boston Duck Tours

"It was great to have the SBLP help us along with our continual greening process.  It added structure, metrics, and information on best practices, and helped give visibility to the priorities within our organization."

- Trish Karter, Owner, Dancing Deer Baking Company

We would like to thank our sponsors for their support

Absolute Green Energy - http://absolutegreenenergy.com/
Arrow Paper Corporation - http://www.arrowpapercorp.com/
Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) - https://www.dcu.org/index.html
ThinkLite, LLC. - http://rethinkrelite.com/

The Sustainable Business Leader
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